Monday, 8 February 2016

George reunited with his Palestinian family

In Beit Leed we heard how many of the villagers had refugee status and had fled from the sister village of Beit Leed in the 48 war, then of course, many had to flee again in the 67 war. They had their land seized, many arriving with nothing. Some of those who fled to Jordan returned, but many did not.

We were told how the restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation has severely depressed the local economy, with a third of the working population unemployed, sadly graduation from University is two-sided – most likely anyone who succeeds will have to leave the village. The local farmers struggle with lack of access to water. The Israelis can cut off water and energy at any point, and Palestinians have no right to sink wells for their crops, animals and themselves in the local area.  Often during the olive harvest, the checkpoints are increased, hampering this most important economic activity.

Health facilities are very basic, and if an emergency occurs at night, they may be restricted in movement and unable to get to the nearest hospital in Nablus.

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