Sunday, 10 February 2013

Report second meeting in Pendle

A meeting was organised in order to start to prepare the Students visit in June. This meeting happened around a dinner. Indeed, during this meeting we exchanged and talked about different aspects of this visit. First of all, we started to talk about how to find the buddies. With regards to this point we decided to ask each peson who wanted to become a buddy to fill an application form. After, we talked about the accomodation so, people proposed different places. Then, we dealt with transport and we were wanded if it was  possible to rent a van and finally, we finished by discussing fundraising. In fact, the people in Pendle will organise different events and cake sales. We also thought it would be good if we had a budget and a target of the amount of money which we needed to finance the trip in Pendle. Each of the people in charge should ask or/and think about either the accomodation, transport or the  fundraising for the next meeting. The communication of this students' visit will be part a for the next meeting. 

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